Sunday, August 26, 2012

White-hat cyberbug bounty nets cash - NYPOST

White-hat cyberbug bounty nets cash


Come on, White Hats: Hack into our system, find a bug — and make it an interesting one! This seems to be the resounding message that major online businesses are spreading.
With US spending on cybercrime security estimated to exceed $23 billion this year, according to the research company Gartner, online businesses are onto the fact that cybercrime is a very real threat.`

`Businesses like Facebook, Google, Mozilla, Adobe, Microsoft and, as of June, PayPal, have developed “Bug Bounty” programs to recruit savvy security researchers like Hayak to help fight the good fight against cybercrime.

These Are snippets from a great story I got to be part of advertised in the NYPOST

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